Our Partners

We have valued partnerships with specialist service providers across all facets of the business:


Founded in 2003, Guildfords is a boutique financial services company. We have been offering advisory services for over a decade to a broad range of small to medium clients in a variety of industries, including property, agriculture, logistics and financial services.
We have recently expanded to specialise in four service areas: Corporate Advisory, Funds Management, Asset Management and Property.

Hall & Wilcox

Hall & Wilcox is a leading independent Australian law firm. We are a firm of around 750 people delivering outstanding legal services to corporate, public sector and private clients, both Australian-based and those offshore doing business in Australia.

Wise Choice Partners

Established by Liang Xu, Wenyi Gu and Kai Zhang, Wise Choice Partners is a certified professional accounting practice which places a large emphasis on automation and implementing systems/technologies to streamline all accounting and financial processes.
We haven’t just read it in a textbook – we’ve experienced it.​

QB4 Capital

QB4 Group primarily specialises in property investment research and property portfolio management modelling for boutique fund managers in Australia. QB4’s approach is policy-based using a suite of policies including valuation, liquidity, risk and investment policies.