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Australia’s first dedicated investment fund – specifically focused on Artificial Intelligence Technology investments

Investing in the future, today.

Invest in the future with our Flagship Fund: NextGen Artificial Intelligence Technology Fund.

The NextGen Artificial Intelligence Technology Fund has been built with the vision to offer exposure to such an intriguing and progressive sector. Building on the foundations from the tech boom and challenges that recent events have presented, the application of Artificial Intelligence caters for solutions that ease our way of life. The confidence in its deliverability has led us to plan for its implementation globally as a common-use application.

About Artificial Intelligence (AI):

As a general-purpose technology, AI has the potential to be implemented across practically every industry within the Australian and global economy. It presents an enormous opportunity for economic transformation by unlocking new societal and environmental value through its acceleration of technological innovation.

At the core of Artificial Intelligence is the function of Machine Learning; its capability to analyse and learn from raw data rather than relying on external human input, is what makes the system “intelligent”. When combined with the many interdisciplinary areas of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning shifts the boundaries on what is possible for humanity.

Key areas of AI

– Reinforcement Learning
– Supervised & Unsupervised Learning
– Deep Learning
– Data Mining
– Statistical Methods
– Optimisation

– Natural Language Processing
– Voice & Speech Recognition
– Sentiment Analysis
– Search & Information Retrieval

– Facial Recognition
– Motion Intelligence
– Scene Reconstruction
– Image Restoration

– Process Automation
– Assembly & Packaging
– Chatbots
– Automated Planning & Plan Recognition

– Emotion AI or Emotion in Machines
– Human-Computer Interfaces
– Detection & Recognition of Emotional Information
– Physiological Monitoring

The AI Revolution is here.

We’re ready.

We at NextGen believe that Artificial Intelligence will be the defining technology of our time and have positioned ourselves to be key contributors to the rapid advancements in technology, which will transform our way of life in the years ahead.

Our experience, knowledge and network throughout the AI technology, cloud infrastructure, and cybersecurity sectors allow us to offer a unique mix of exciting investment opportunities that are unavailable to public markets.

Our Partners

We have valued partnerships with specialist service providers across all facets of the business.

"The best way to predict the future is to create it"

Alan Kay (born 1940), American Computer Scientist