We are NextGen.

Anything But A Traditional Investment Manager

The NextGen Difference

As a specialist alternative investment manager, NextGen has an unrelenting drive to break the status quo and develop exciting innovative investment solutions which provide great returns, but also deliver meaningful economic, societal & environmental benefits.

While traditional managers continue clinging to benchmarks in the hope of some minor outperformance, they fail to recognise the some of the biggest opportunities happening all around them.

We firmly believe that this innovation driven approach is the key to building a future-proof investment portfolio.

Investment Committee

Our Investment Committee comprises extensive experience in the artificial intelligence, technology and funds management industries with specialist expertise in AIaaS, Cloud Services, Cybersecurity, Proprietary Data & Technology Analytics, VC, Lending and Debt Markets.
This team is at the forefront of the AI industry, providing an edge that sets NextGen apart from other investment managers.

Gary Cakir

With technology at the forefront of every business involvement, Gary has long been an advocate of applying automation to increase profitability. 

His involvement with leading enterprise to date has helped NextGen target key markets with a focus on the delivery of consistent returns and world-changing investments.

Samuel Mullavey

Samuel is a founding member of the NextGen team with over 10 years’ experience in the financial services industry.

Samuel is focused on working with wholesale investors seeking exposure to emerging technologies in the rapidly expanding sector of Artificial Intelligence.

William Chen

William holds a significant role in the investment division, overseeing the sourcing and assessment of new opportunities.

His sophisticated knowledge of capital markets, investment, and market drivers within the APAC region is invaluable to the success and growth of our NextGen funds.


Dr. Wang has over 10 years experience of designing and advising enterprise at all levels on the design/implementation of the High Performance Computing (HPC) systems and algorithms being used to harness the power of AI.

Today, his expertise is being applied to source value in the adoption of AI to applications worldwide.

Our Investment Process

Our investment process follows a comprehensive, multi-staged approach and forms an integral component of our risk mitigation framework for all investment selection.

The process has several stages which are overseen by our Investment Committee.
Our approach allows the Committee to diligently manage the asset allocation levels for each investment opportunity.

The key stages that make up our Investment Process are:

Proposal to the Investment Committee
Ongoing Management
Exit / Liquidity Event