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A collection of interrelated technologies used to solve problems autonomously and perform tasks to achieve defined objectives without explicit guidance from a human being.

Conceptually, AI is far from a new idea, with the term “artificial intelligence” being coined long ago. Themes relevant to modern AI being explored by pioneers such as the famous British mathematician Alan Turing as far back as the 1950s.

Key Areas of AI

– Reinforcement Learning
– Supervised & Unsupervised Learning
– Deep Learning
– Data Mining
– Statistical Methods
– Optimisation

– Natural Language Processing
– Voice & Speech Recognition
– Sentiment Analysis
– Search & Information Retrieval

– Facial Recognition
– Motion Intelligence
– Scene Reconstruction
– Image Restoration

– Process Automation
– Assembly & Packaging
– Chatbots
– Automated Planning & Plan Recognition

– Emotion AI or Emotion in Machines
– Human-Computer Interfaces
– Detection & Recognition of Emotional Information
– Physiological Monitoring

Investing in the future, today.

We identify and invest in companies that are leading the development of cross-sector innovation driven by Artificial Intelligence. 

As a general-purpose technology, AI has the potential to be implemented across almost every industry within the Australian and global economy.

With innovative technologies (including AI) expecting to be worth AU$315 billion to the Australian economy by 2028, AI clearly represents a significant new opportunity to boost productivity and enhance economies.

AI is seen as the cornerstone that connects all major transformational technologies. This convergence of innovative technologies is poised to take the elevation of human knowledge and human capability to new levels.

The AI Revolution is here.
We're ready.

We at NextGen believe that Artificial Intelligence will be the defining technology of our time and have positioned ourselves to be key contributors to the rapid advancements in technology, which will transform our way of life in the years ahead.

Our experience, knowledge and network throughout the AI technology, cloud infrastructure, and cybersecurity sectors allow us to offer a unique mix of exciting investment opportunities that are unavailable to public markets.

"The best way to predict the future is to create it"

Alan Kay (born 1940), American Computer Scientist